Tunnels for In-Container Pasteurization

Tunnels can be only used for Heating or Cooling, or in combination with Heating & Cooling.

It may be necessary to warm a carbonated beverage after (cold) filling, to Cool a product after hot filling, or to follow a carefully designed heating & cooling curve to achieve specific Pasteurization Units (PU’s).

Our Pasteurization tunnels are designed for each container to follow a precisely calculated Time & Temperature Curve. Separate sections shower the containers with high volumes of cascading water at pre-determined temperatures, enabling us to reliably and accurately achieve the desired PU’s.

The continuous nature of tunnels enables us to save energy by swapping the heat recovered from outgoing products with colder incoming containers, thus saving energy requirements for both heating & cooling.

For temperature sensitive products, we offer either our very effective PU-Limiting option, or alternatively a more sophisticated PU-Control system.

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