Arol Closure Systems supplies quite possibly the foremost capping solutions worldwide, bar none. Their operation is impressive to behold in the small industrial municipality of CANELLI in north-central Italy. The location’s history is as old as Italy itself and suitably contrasts the innovative designs and advanced modern engineering of Arol’s capping systems.

Arol’s innovative approach delivers advanced solutions. Its design and fabrication facility is cutting-edge and sophisticated, a philosophy that extends into the equipment itself.



Arol is the trusted name in capping with thousands of units delivered worldwide. Producers and manufacturers use Arol to cap and close a wide range of products.

They include personal care, chemicals, household cleaners, food, wine and spirits, beverages and beers, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Packaging Equipment by HG Molenaar enjoys a close bond with Arol for Southern Africa, representing an extension of the company itself to all the customers in our region. Our tight association affords you access to uniquely capable systems that include inline capping, twist-off caps, continuous thread screw caps, lug capping, pick and place capping, and steam injection capping systems.

A considerable advantage of Arol technology is that it enables customers to extend filling system lifespans. Capping turrets on monobloc systems rotate many times more than their partnered filling systems. That places far more wear on the capping component. Arol’s original design philosophy to develop turrets for OEM providers in the past ensures that today we can extend the lifespan of monobloc systems by swapping and replacing only the capping turrets while retaining the rest of the original system.

Packaging Equipment has successfully maximized the investment of South African customers in this very manner.

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