Combine 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of traditional canning lines with over a decade of leasing our in-house designed machinery for the packaging & preservation of barrier-plastic containers.  The result is the market-leading H.G. Molenaar Plastic Filling and Sealing equipment.  Not only are they unrivaled in speed but also in reliability & quality.

Whether it be cups or tubs, fruit or vegetable, meat or soy, liquid or solid, H.G. Molenaar has a solution to meet your needs.

Using state-of-the-art servo motor technology we can accurately fill and seal a wide range of product types and packaging variations from 50 to 700 units per minute depending on the machine configuration.

Our in-house developed seal quality control system has ensured that average leaker rates have been reduced dramatically improving wastage and cutting costs.

Plastic Containers

With quality and reliable speed at the forefront, our flagship high speed lines (300 – 700 units per minute) are market leading in their worldwide usage.

Each filling system is uniquely determined depending on the customer’s product requirements.  Volumetric pocket filling, servo driven piston filling, fill to headspace valves and volumetric controlled liquid filling are all methods being used currently.  These filling systems combined with our state-of-the-art high pressure sealing head technology means that we can ensure an accurate fill and quality seal with extremely low rejection rates.

Our Plastic equipment’s leasing mechanism means you are guaranteed peace of mind for the entire life of the machine by:

  • Ensuring uptime / availability of over 90% during production.
  • Constant monitoring of quality control data to anticipate and prevent quality issues, thus reducing leakers and costs.
  • Access to H.G. Molenaar plastic’s lab department for packaging testing and quality verification from packaging suppliers.
  • Providing quality spare parts and ensuring their availability.
  • Providing technical support, breakdown assistance and annual maintenance.
  • Nominal up-front capital expenditure.
  • Access to over a decade experience in numerous products and packaging solutions.

Ultimately, you do not just lease the plastic filling and sealing equipment but instead hire H.G. Molenaar as a technical partner so that your success can drive our success.