Angelus has roots that extend back to California in 1910. Packaging Equipment has supplied these superb systems for food and beverage canning since the 1960s. Such a lengthy heritage offering the systems to build experience and expertise places us in the envious position of providing our customers end-to-end support for all your seaming requirements, which include sealed-for-life tooling.

The PSAngelus equipment has a proud history of demonstrating robust workmanship and outstanding materials quality and many global customers are testimony to that. Even PSAngelus’ trend defying standards have, however, been surpassed by its newest V-Series models.



Superior stainless steel fabrication ensures that Angelus equipment meets all of the modern requirements for hygiene, food safety, and sustainable efficiency in food and beverage production. Clean execution is an increasingly important consideration in modern operations. All these requirements are achieved without compromising Angelus’ market-leading position in seaming.

Seam integrity remains at the heart of the Angelus differentiation and the new equipment using fabricated stainless steel bases as opposed to castings, continues that fine legacy.

In the spirit of that outstanding custom, Packaging Equipment has all the knowledge and skills to provide ongoing maintenance and operational support throughout the considerable lifespan of your equipment.

Protecting your investment, by close association and attention to your detailed needs, ensures an ongoing partnership that provides mutual value.

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