Packaging Equipment is proficient in the skills to drive an intricate process between sleeve suppliers and customers in a characteristically complex market segment. This untrainable skill, honed over years delivering for customers, is the unique quality that distinguishes our ability to successfully deploy and implement sleeving systems.

Clever Machines from Packaging Equipment by HG Molenaar is sleeving with superior after-sales service which recognises that the focus and attention are the crucial difference.


Our customers are discernibly important and get top drawer attention from our trained, skilled and experienced service technicians and sales personnel.

This focus extends directly from the owner of Clever Machines, who remains at the helm after many years, building the systems as he always has. Innovation is always top of mind and he maintains personal relations with HG Molenaar through his dedicated commercial and support team.

The tight-knit integration of our two operations, unified by a passion for reliability, also ensures rapid, tailored engineering specific to your operations. Clever Machines from Packaging Equipment offers recognisable quality that keeps these systems working, day in and day out.

Many customers worldwide use Clever Machines to meet their food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sleeving requirements. Irregular, variable shape and size containers are all handled with the same aplomb as cylindrical containers, irrespective of the speed of operations.

The simple, rugged design of these systems ensures that downtime is not a factor to rob you of revenue. Packaging Equipment keeps your Clever Machines operational, regardless of whether you use the linear or rotary system, delivering full body, partial sleeves or tamper evident bands to your product.

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