The new millennium saw the company entering both the North American and the Asian markets. In H.G. Molenaar’s first Asian contract, new equipment was installed for Siam Foods in Thailand, which comprised an exhaust box, Continuous Rotary Sterilizer, Palletizers and Conveyors. This was followed by several more orders for sterilizers and, a few years later, the same client contracted H.G. Molenaar to construct a green fields corn-processing factory.

The world’s largest Diameter Cooker and Cooler

In early 2001, Pacific Coast Producers (PCP) of California contracted H.G. Molenaar to install a complete canning line for peaches and apricots. The line included the largest Diameter Cooker and Cooler in the world. This giant machine has a diameter of 3.2 meters and is more than 12 meters long. A year later, this order was followed the delivery of a pressure cooker – H.G. Molenaar’s first pressure cooker into the United States.

Also in 2001, H.G. Molenaar was accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to build pressure vessels for operation in the North American market.


H.G. Molenaar takes Compac to new heights

H.G. Molenaar continues to expand its representation of foreign-owned businesses in South Africa. In 2003 H.G. Molenaar took over representation of Compac Fruit Sorting Equipment from another local firm. At that time Compac had a very small share of the South African market. However, it is now the leading supplier of Fresh Fruit Sorting Equipment in South Africa’s very competitive market today, thanks to H.G. Molenaar.

Representing Brown International

A leading supplier of citrus juice processing equipment, Brown International, approached H.G. Molenaar in 2007 to take over its South African subsidiary and become its agent. Despite a challenging environment, H.G. Molenaar was able to show substantial growth in the Brown International business since its involvement.

It is strongly believed that H.G. Molenaar’s reputation for, and commitment to, service excellence has been fundamental to improving the fortunes of both Compac and Brown International.

A new Managing Director

In 2005 Cor officially retired and handed the mantle of Managing Director of the company over to his son, Stefan. Cor has assumed the chairmanship of the company and is still actively involved in the business.

An American presence

In 2007, H.G. Molenaar entered the rapidly growing field of preserving foods in Barrier Plastic Packaging. The company has filed several patents and has completed projects to preserve fruit in jars in South Africa. H.G. Molenaar has recently completed a highly automated line for a customer in California to fill, seal and thermally process cups at a rate of 300 cpm. This project provided the impetus necessary for the company to commence local operations in the United States, resulting in the founding of Molenaar USA in early 2008. Molenaar USA’s goal is to promote and service H.G. Molenaar products throughout the Americas.