Conventional Palletizing & De-palletizing

The operational efficiency of AGILE PLUS Conventional high-speed lines, delivers advanced capabilities to ensure smooth uninterrupted service that continuously provides optimum performance. Our automatic pallet handling design is a standard feature that augments the speed and cost competitiveness of the design while being modular, and providing flexible options to maximise efficiencies.

IndustryOperating ModesTypeContainer TypesLayers Per Minute
Beverage | Food | Non-FoodAutomaticLayerMetal | Glass | Plastics4+


Clients of our AGILE PLUS Magnetic system benefit from our strong engineering background, ensuring that the high-speed magnetic system handles both empty and full containers. The advanced engineering in our system secures positive pickup, and the uniquely rapid-acting pneumatic mechanism ensures smooth, accurate release to place a container. The palletizer’s swift and dependable operation allows optimal product throughput reducing downtime. Molenaar’s exceptional service assures your equipment is maintained to a very high standard, thereby ensuring that we can add value to your overall operational efficiency.

IndustryOperating ModesTypeContainer TypesLayers Per Minute
Beverage | Food | Non-FoodAutomaticMagneticSteel Containers | Glass Containers with steel lids4+