X-ray expensive?

When it comes to protecting your brand and being diligent you could say that cost isn’t important compared to product recalls. However, the reality is food and beverage businesses have to watch their spend very closely. We at Peco InspX know this and have put together a great method of helping our customers with the latest X-ray technology even when budgets are tight. So, if you want to prove due diligence, protect your brand and win more customers, it’s actually easy to install the latest in X-ray technology without the financial burden.

Are you showing due diligence?

Using X-ray technology is now pretty much the norm in food and beverage processing. Product recalls are hugely expensive and cost brand reputation. Due diligence by installing X-ray for the detection of Metal / Glass / Stone / Bone is now common place, reliable, and cost-effective. No matter what the product or packaging type we have a solution. We specialise in rigid containers such as glass jars, bottles, and metal cans.

For a limited period, we are offering our Shield X-ray systems on a rent-to-buy basis including a full 3-year warranty. We are experts in all X-ray applications so not only will you receive the best possible advice and machinery, we will help make funding and ongoing cost of ownership painless too. Applications: glass in glass / packagaed products / tin cans / bulk flow product / secondary packagaed products / pipeline for pumped products.

The Shield X-ray system comes in a variety of configurations to suit all applications. From standard packaged food (top-down systems) to high-speed glass and canning (side shoot) applications, through to bulk and pumped product. A few different types can be seen here in our production / assembly hall. We offer a complete range and all are available on finance packages to suit your business needs.

Using X-ray technology is now pretty much the norm in food and beverage processing. Product recalls are hugely expensive and cost brand reputation.

We inspect over a billion glass jars every day, but that still leaves multiple billions more uninspected and at risk of a foreign body recall. For a relatively small investment, protect your brand by using the Peco InspX glass-in-glass X-ray system. For an online demonstration of our beautifully designed Shield systems, please click on the attached link or email / call me directly.

Do you pack in Glass?

If so you may find this of interest. Technical: Using the InspX Trio system we are able to “reliably” achieve detection levels of 3mm soda lime glass in jars and bottles. The Trio will also find metals at 1.5mm in the same jar. The image shows a 3mm piece of glass that was found by the Trio in a food production plant. Engineering: The Trio is installed utilizing your existing conveyor layout. This saves thousands and many hours of modifications in conveyor mods compared to other suppliers.

Not to mention the reduction in transfer points. Commercial: We are able to supply the Trio system on Lease and Hire as well as capital purchase, we are always happy to offer a quotation with various options.

Do you pack in foil trays and supply to the retail sector?

We offer cost-effective Xray solutions that will raise your profile with your customer. There’s really no reason to wait any longer to trade in your old Ferrous-only metal detectors.